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Diploma in Computer Aided Design & Drafting With the evolution of technology in the design and built world in mind, this programme is developed to equip students with various CAD software skills to promote and enhance projects in the architecture, construction, and building engineering industry. CAD software is widely used throughout the industry to assist Architects, Interior Designers and Engineers in facilitating and expediting design and built processes. Mastery of CAD software will not only convey the precision in industry-related practices, but also improves time efficiency, minimizes errors, and lowers the cost of production and development. Students will be taught to conceptualize, develop and detail both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional views using relevant CAD software, produce 3-dimensional models for still images and animated walkthroughs of their designs, and converting their ideas into realistic projects. Furthermore, students will gain knowledge of structural build-ups to help them understand and produce quality, informational detailed drawings. Equator College Diploma